Digital Account Opening

Finn by Chase


Let new and existing Chase customers open a Finn account from their phone.


One of Chase’s key 2019 initiatives was to let anyone open an account without going into a branch.

To achieve this within our timeline, we repurposed and improved upon Chase’s existing account opening flow.

We couldn’t change the type of information gathered, but we weren’t happy with one massive page of text fields. Having the information broken out into separate screens eliminated the need to scroll, made the information more digestible, and created the sense that you were being asked to provide less information in comparison to the existing flow.

In research, 78% of participants preferred the segmented flow, saying it would make them more likely to complete the onboarding process.

We also updated the titles for Finn voice and tone, and added subheads. The latter let us get ahead of user concerns by adding context.

One important feature was that existing Chase customers could sign in with their username and password to jump right to the confirmation page, since the bank already had some of their info. We updated the language on the sign-in screen to focus on the value, but in human terms.